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Septic Dye Test | Pittsburgh, PA

Onlot sewage or septic systems, if they are functioning optimally, treat, distribute and dispose of sewage through an economical and efficient process.  Dana Wilson has designed, built, and installed a wide range of septic systems that have been in existence since the 1970’s.  His family owned company was the premiere resource in the northeast for septic systems including finding them, digging them up, trouble shooting, designing, building, repairing, replacing and testing septic systems.

At Absolute Home Inspection Services we conduct septic dye tests for homes that have private on-lot septic systems.  We add dye to the drains including sinks, drains and commodes in the home. We flush the dye throughout to the septic system to determine whether or not it either leaks out of the ground or backs up into the home, a tell-tale sign that the system is not functioning properly.

Optimal functioning of the septic system can be a complex subject to explain.  Septic systems processes are dependent upon soil classification, the presence of aerobic and anaerobic types of bacteria that exist outside the septic system, composition of waste and kitchen appliances in use.  Appliances such as the dishwasher, washing machine and garbage disposal all play a role in the efficient breakdown of bacteria as it occurs in the septic system. This bacterium must breakdown into a liquid so that it can flow into the distribution system, be purified and go back into the soil enabling the system to function optimally.  As with many components of a home much of the septic system is located underground and is therefore not visible.  We gather as much information about the septic system and the septic dye test gives us the tell-tale signs we need in order to give the home owner the most accurate assessment possible given the limited visibility.