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What Absolute Safeguard Clients are Saying

September 2012, Judith, Allison Park, PA

Absolute Safeguard Home Inspection Services Inc provided us with a thorough analysis on the condition of the home we purchased this year. We were really pleased with their service.  They arrived on time and were very thorough .  They actually provided us with an informative and educational three-hour long inspection while we were there.  The inspector was patient and explained everything to us.  The report was easy to read and provided photographs which were quite helpful.  I can’t recommend Absolute Safeguard enough if you’re thinking of purchasing a home and want peace of mind.

May 2012, Stephen, Zelienople, PA

We downsized to a town home from our 4 bedroom colonial. We found what we were looking for and were very concerned because there was a peculiar odor coming from the  water. We are fortunate to have been referred to Absolute Safeguard Home Inspection Services because we needed to have the well water tested. The water had high amounts of sulfur and the inspector referred us to a Hot Water Tank professional.  They determined that the heater simply needed a new, inexpensive part and the problem was solved. We moved forward with our purchase. I would highly recommend using Absolute Safeguard for your home inspection as well as for wood destroying insect inspection and a radon test.

January 2012, Anthony, Pittsburgh, PA

I would highly recommend using Absolute Safeguard Home Inspection Services Inc.  They urged us to be at the inspection so we would know exactly what we were getting into…money well spent.

November 2011, Wayne, Butler, PA

Our next door neighbors recommended Absolute Safeguard to us and we know we hired the right company.  The house we wanted had its own septic tank and it was built in the 50s so we really wanted to have it checked. It’s a good thing we did because the septic dye liquid they used came spouting out of the ground which told us that we would need to replace the septic tank, not a quick and easy fix.   We still bought the house because we got a great deal on it but at least we could plan for the expense of the new septic system.

May 2011, Yolanda, Sewickley, PA

Our inspector from Absolute Safeguard was Dana Wilson and he handled our inspection in a highly professional manner.  Although we expected a lot of technical jargon, Dana took the time to educate us about the home in language we could understand. I could tell this guy knew his business. He offered thorough explanations on the well water, onlot septic system and water system versus public, and a host of other items listed in the report. We came away thinking we were getting a great house and our offer was justified, even though the house wasn’t perfect. The printed report summarized a concern we had about the roof.  We took it one step further and called a roofer and got a better idea of what was needed and have no regrets here.  We definitely recommend using Absolute Safeguard.

March 2011, Maureen, Wexford, PA

My husband and I hired an inspector from Absolute Safeguard for our home inspection. The seller’s disclosure statement mentioned that leaks in the roof had been repaired and we didn’t want to put our rugs and furniture down until we were sure.  Absolute Safeguard checked it out and told us to find a roofing company and have them come check it. They discovered that the flashing hadn’t been installed correctly so we had that work done before we put our furniture in place. It probably wouldn’t have leaked but we’re glad we had it fixed anyway.  We liked working with Absolute Safeguard and would recommend them.

October 2010, Keith, Mars, PA

Steve, at Absolute Safeguard Home Inspection Services, was very knowledgeable and thorough…We keep the printed report handy in case we need to review it and plan on anything that may need to be checked out and maintained or repaired.